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flight simulator first officer

What is FSFO?

Flight Simulator First Officer (FSFO) is an affordable, realistic, flexible and easy-to-use virtual First Officer for MSFS. It’s designed specifically for virtual pilots who value realism, but may not have the time to execute comprehensive preflight and/or post flight procedures. Despite its sophistication, it’s also coded with novice pilots in-mind; FSFO is capable of configuring every switch according to the aircraft manufacture recommendations. Just hit connect and fly with confidence that your First Officer is helping you fly these complicated aircraft.

FSFO sets itself apart by not requiring strict adherence to scripts, reading lengthy manuals, or using precise speech. It does not require you to memorize actions to trigger other actions, or recall the exact phrase to progress a checklist item.  Moreover, it uses real vice robotic voices. See below how to save 20% by buying direct!



key features

  • Voice Integration:
    • Command the First Office to set the heading, speed, altitude, flaps, gear, autopilot, takeoff thrust, and execute the flows and checklists.  Voice is NOT required; each option can be completely automated!
  •  Integrated Flows and Checklist:
    • Flows – When activated, the copilot will check each system to ensure its set correctly for a specific flight phase; if it’s not set correctly, he will configure said system. Using this system, FSFO will completely configure the aircraft for you, which will spare you the need to read 300+ page manuals.  
    • Checklist – When called, the copilot will call the checklist item; if it’s set correctly, he will proceed to the next item; if it’s not, he will wait for the pilot to configure the system before proceeding to the next call. 

watch fsfo in action

Check out the YouTube videos to see if FSFO is right for your virtual simulation career. 

Two Options to buy FSFO:

  1. You can buy direct from one of our Partner Stores below; this option allows you to receive an instant key…you can start using FSFO right away.
  2. You can receive a 20% discount by using the PayPal button below; once payment is verified, you will be emailed a key.
    1. This option can take anywhere between 24-to-48 hours…usually A LOT less.
    2. This option is a manual process requiring me to generate a key and email to you, which is why it can take up to 48-hours
  3. Requirements:
    1. Windows 10 or 11
    2. Peter & John Dowson’s FSUIPC V7 (MSFS) (registered or unregistered (free):
    3. FSFO uses Microsoft’s Default Speech Recognition Engine; only those languages are supported (US, UK, AU, IN (English India) or CA (English Canada)).
    4. No Refunds

1. Partner Stores (instant Key):
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2. PayPal (This option can take up to 48 hrs to receive a key):
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